Creative production HUB: film, music and photography. Worldwide. Collaborative. Wherever you are, whenever you need. For more info about talents, professionals, locations, shoot us an email and subscribe.

TRIO is originally a Brazilian company.

Our focus is to create a complicity relationship, a connection between brands, consumers thru audiovisual elements. We plug professionals and artists according to each delivery profile.

Here you can find some of the professionals from our hub:

Creative directors, Art Directors, Copywriters, Screenwriters, Planners, Film Directors, Music Producers, Photographers, Animators, Post Production professionals, 3d Artists, Illustrators, asn.


Connect people and projects around the world, reshaping ourselves and reshaping the industry.


Be a global strategic creative production HUB. Be the differential in business and in our client’s life.

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We abhor and do not tolerate ANY type of disrespect or prejudice whether it is for: color, gender, social status, age, position, etc. Any professional who violates this code is not able to provide services to TRIO. We work with professionals in a way that they follow their path to achieve professional and personal goals without disrespecting, diminishing, offending, attacking or having any negative attitude towards any type of human being.



Be memorable and relevant. That's what we do with the stories we tell. Our hub is so diverse that it allows us navigate thru the entire process, from the strategy, concept to final delivery. A product rich in craft and focused on results (brand awareness, engagement, lead generation).


We believe in the power of music. Music is part of our lives. TRIO was born from music. We produce for TV and internet commercials, series and film soundtracks, podcasts, recording of artists, voice-overs, songs in general (Tik Tok), asn.


An image says everything. We point our camera at photographers in action. We look for and curate versatile artists with unique views to tell great stories and generate results through images. It makes all the difference in the final product.

Associação Prato Cheio

For each work carried out by TRIO, we revert a percentage of our profit to Associação Prato Cheio. They, in turn, collect surplus food in industries, markets, and distribute it to entities that serve people in a vulnerable situation.

To learn more about the association and its work, visit: @associacaopratocheio